Samples for Projects

Below are a series of sound files that you may use for any of the assignments or projects for this course that require you to playback a file. You can play back files on this webpage, and then click the three dots in the player to bring up the download option. Once the files has been downloaded to your device, you can upload it to your P5 projects.

Additional files may be found at places like, or, or, but keep in mind that not every sound may be free to use or copyright/royalty free. Be sure to double check before downloading any sounds from external websites.

Shorter weird sounds:

Popcorn maker

Long weird sounds:

Water trickle

All hands on deck

Angry bees

Going down

Hammer it

Waves on mars

Rhythmic weird sounds:

Rhythmic loops

Short percussive melodic sound:

Long melodic sounds:

Short Fx sounds:

Short percussion sounds:

Short nature sounds:

Long nature sounds:

Reversed sounds