Final Presentation

This is it. The final part of the Programming Digital Media course. It is hard to believe just how much material we covered over these weeks.

The final assignment is to present your final project for your class and your instructor. The presentation shouldn’t be too long, but be sure to cover the following material:

  • Describe your project.
  • How you implemented material from the graphics unit.
  • How you implemented material from the audio unit.
  • How you implemented material from the physical computing unit.
  • Any unexpected challenges you may have run into.
  • Give a short demo of your project for the class to see.
  • Be sure to save a little time in case any one has any questions!

Remember, you should document your project as detailed in the previous page. If technical difficulties should arise, you could use that video as a demonstration of your code.

Thank you for all your hard work throughout the course, and best wishes as you keep learning, and hopefully keep coding!