Proposing Your Integrations Project

Before you begin on your project, you should submit a proposal to your instructor with the following information:

  • Description of your project. (be as detailed as possible)
  • How you will utilize elements from the graphics unit.
  • How you will utilize elements from the audio unit.
  • How you will utilize elements from the physical computing unit.
  • External resources such as images, sounds, or physical computing components that you plan on needing.
  • Any other important information about the project.

The purpose of this is so that your instructor can make sure that your project meets all of the criteria listed on the previous page, that your project can be completed in a reasonable timeline, and so they can manage resources to better help with any technical issues that may arise.

Your instructor will either approve your proposal, or ask you to revise parts of it as needed before you begin working on the project.

Example Proposal

Student Name: Jane FakeNamington

Project Title: Cat Assassins

Project Description: In this game, the character, a cat, will hunt different prey, such as mice, bugs, birds, and lizards for different point values. The game will be over after the timer runs out. The player can gain more time by drinking milk, and lose time by running into a dog.

Graphics Elements: all of the prey and the character will be sprites with different animations on them. Each one will have a separate function for how they behave, such as movement, score value, and callbacks for removing them from the screen.

Sound Elements: There will be 3 total soundtracks that play in the background on loop. One for the start screen, one for the level, and one for the game over screen. These will be simple synthesizer melodies created in Tone. Short sound effects will also play whenever the player interacts with another sprite. The tempo will speed up when the timer starts to get low.

Physical Computing Elements: A red LED will blink in tempo with the music, speeding up when the time begins to run out. 4 buttons will be used to trigger the character to move up, down, left, and right.

Other important information: The sprite sheets will come from spriter’s resource, and the sound effects will come from free sounds. Background images will come from shutter stock.

Thoughts about this proposal.

In this provided proposal, Jane meets all of the requirements that are needed. In some instances, she even proposes more than the minimum by wanting to use 4 buttons and have 7 differently behaving sprites. While there is nothing wrong with this, it might be a better idea for Jane to simplify her project so that there are less elements. Depending on the time remaining ot work on the project, this may not be something that can be completed in that time line. in that case, Jane could begin with a simplified starting version, and then add in the elements she wants once the main project is completed. Like adding an expansion pack or DLC to a video game.

One other thought is where Jane is getting her resources from. These places should be fine, but be sure that anything that you find is appropriate for your school. When in doubt, the answer is probably no, but be sure to ask your instructor once you have found external media you want to use.