Integrations Project

The remainder of the course will focus around your final comprehensive project. This project will be one that you design and create from start to finish. However there are a few rules and guidelines to go over before you begin working.

First, Your project has to have the following elements, which integrate all of the units gone over so far into one cohesive product:

  • At least one sprite must be on the screen and be interactive in some way
  • At least one image must be utilized in the project
  • Some sort of audio must be present as a soundtrack and/or playback
  • P5 must take input from an Arduino with a sensor in order to effect some element of the project
  • P5 must output to an arduino in order to affect some physical element, such as an LED.
  • All code must be properly formatted, documented, and functional

While not required, having some processing of the audio via Tone.js is highly recommended to help polish your soundtrack.

While not specified, elements from the ‘Basics of Coding’ such as conditionals, variables, loops, custom functions, etc. will more than likely be in your project. If your project is missing one of these key elements, make sure that you are not forgetting something.