Documentation of Your Integrations Project

As you wrap up your project, it is important to document your work in various ways.

  • Save older versions of your code.
  • Take pictures of you arduino circuits.
  • Create a video of your final, working project.
  • Create a backup of everything once you are finished.

This will help both you and your instructor with this project. This will allow your instructor to be able to see how all of your elements are integrated, and your circuits are wired without the need for you to be present and demonstrate. (which will help with prompt grading and feedback) And, should something go wrong at your final presentation, or while you are working on the project, you will have documentation of a working product, and functional backups that you can restore most, if not all of your work from.

It is highly recommended that you share the video documentation of your product to a streaming cite such as YouTube or Vimeo so that it can be accessed and referenced easily.