Graphics Assignment #3 - Bug Squish game

Here is a working example of the Bug-Squish assignment. Notice the following items that need to be present in your version:

  • There is a starting, playing, and ending state for the game. Instructions are given in the start state, and the score is given in the end state.
  • A timer is given to show how long is left before the game ends, and the game state changes when the timer runs out.
  • Each sprite behaves in the same way:
    1. Moves in its specific direction (Up, Down, Left, or Right)
    2. Is animated with the walking bug images.
    3. Reacts to being clicked on. (movement stops, animation changes, score goes up, leaves the screen)
    4. When all bugs are squished, more appear.
  • A specific background image is present.

In order to achieve this, you will need to utilize all of the skills we have learned so far: conditionals, for loops, custom functions, variables/arrays, as well as how to create groups of sprites. The images used are available in the resources page.

See the Pen Graphics Assignment 3 - Bug Squish Game! Solution by LSU DDEM (@lsuddem) on CodePen.