Game Design using the Library

Chapter 6

This chapter will ask you to use using the library to build “Bug Squish!”, an interactive game. The following lessons will introduce you to the basics of building and controlling interactive Objects in your game (aka “sprites”), watching for and reacting to collisions between sprites, and how to group similar sprites together into Groups, and creating unique sprite appearances by adding images and animations to your sketches.

But first we need to add an extra library into our p5 projects. Without this code library none of the other information in this chapter would even work! Go to the next page to see how to add to your sketches.

In the summer of 2022 updated to version 3.0. The old lessons will be available under ‘Resources’ once the new lessons have been uploaded here. Until that change goes live, you will be able to see all of the version three lessons listed on a single, larger page at the end of the chapter.