Adding Physical Control To a Program

The third and final assignment of the Physical computing unit is to combine sending receiving data between your Arduino and P5. Below are the details for the assignment:

  • You may work with either your Bug Squish or Paint App programs for this assignment. You do not have to use the same one that you added sound effects to in the previous unit, however doing so will make for a more interesting final product.
  • Your code P5 code must receive data from at least 1 digital and 1 analog input. which kind of input is up to you, but the values from the hard ware must influence the code in some way.
  • Your Arduino must receive data from P5 in order to manipulate at least LED.
  • Your circuits must be properly connected with appropriate resistors where needed. (your assignment will not function otherwise)
  • Lastly, you will need to document your assignment through both video and photograph. Be sure to take a picture of the completed bread board so that your instructor can view it without the need of both your code and hardware. Also, make a short video showing how your arduino and P5 are interacting. this will help your instructor with grading, as well as serve as a back up in case of a hardware/software malfunction, or your circuit is accidentally dissembled.

Here is an example of this completed assignment.